How much do you think your health is worth?

When you really think about it you know the answer – good health is priceless.

If you are like most people you imagine retiring with all your limbs intact, the energy to be able to enjoy all the things you love, the ability to climb the stairs or walk across the room on your own two feet and remember all those things that make your life so preciously unique.

The research is clear too, YOU – not your doctor – are the only one with the power to stop your genetics from ruining your dreams.

You wouldn’t put corn oil in your car and then expect the mechanic to magically fix it would you? Yet so many of us do exactly that when it comes to our health.

And unlike your car, which you can change when it breaks down, you only get the one body for the rest of your life. So treating it with the care it deserves and fueling it so it will run optimally until the end is really a no brainer isn’t it?

How much is your health really worth?