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Did you know planning your meals ahead of time is the single most important thing you can do to shave hours off your week, cut down on your grocery bills and even help you lose weight?

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your weight & waist line say a lot about your health

Being at a healthy weight isn’t just about looking good, it’s about living longer too. In fact your weight and your waist line can both tell you how likely you are to develop a chronic illness like diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculate your Waist Hip Ratio (WHR)
Use this if you are 20 or older – while it’s not 100% accurate especially if you are athletic, for most people the BMI is a great way to get a snapshot of your health. Contrary to what you think, being both underweight or overweight can have a negative effect on your health. While being at a normal weight means you’re more likely to live a long and healthy life. The WHR gives you an idea of your fat distribution – & it turns out carrying your weight around your waist is bad for your health! When measuring, use the smallest part of your waist (belly button or just above) and the widest part of your hips.
NORMAL <0.80 for women and <0.95 for men. MODERATE RISK 0.0.81-0.85 for w & 0.96-1.00 for m HIGH >0.85 for women and >1.00 for men
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now you know

Knowing is the first step – That’s the easier part.

But it’s the next step – the more challenging step – that’s really important!

This is where you lay down your road map on how to get to and/or stay your healthiest. The good news is YOU are the one who holds the power to succeed – You are your own SUPER HERO in a way!

But even super heroes need a Sage (no not the herb) to guide them at times…

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