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The dietician services provided to me were extremely professional and informative. I was provided with great long term nutritional advice and education as well as a long term goal to manage my weight in the future. I lost over 16 lb. and have managed to keep it off for nearly 6 months! Highly recommended.

It only took six months of personalized guidance to change my lifetime of bad habits into sustainable healthy choices. I was given so many options that suited my limited food preferences and I continue to use these today. Thanks for supporting me to a healthier lifestyle xx

Ussma, I would like to tell you again how much I appreciate your help. It has been a pleasure to get to know you and the knowledge I have gained was way beyond my expectations. Before seeing you my understanding of nutrition was way off base to the point that I did not realize how much harm I was doing. Since following your plan not only did the desired weight come off but I can also feel my energy level increase. Eating properly has never been easier and my whole attitude towards a healthy lifestyle has changed for the better. The nutrition aspect has always been my weak link but with your help I feel as though that all the tools are now in place for me to move forward towardsa fit way of life. Thanks again

Thank you for all of the nutritional support you offered me during my pregnancy. It really made a difference knowing I had your support, advice and encouragement to make sure I was eating right.

I learned to pay attention to other indicators of my progress besides the scale. If my energy level and mood were good, if I was sleeping well and if my clothes were fitting better and my measurements decreasing, then I knew I was moving in the right direction even when the scale showed a plateau.


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