Initial Appointment | $ 150

Approximately 60 minutes

Follow-Up Appointment | $ 75

Approximately 30 minutes

Medical Nutrition Therapy | $350 per month

This 3 month program will put you back in the driver’s seat for your health.

Includes regular visits based on your needs, tailored meal plans, one-on-one counselling and education to manage your specific condition.

Healthy lifestyle coaching | $250 per month Individual | $375 per month Couple

This proactive 3 month program will help you embrace the habits that will transform your health for life.

Includes regular weigh ins, Q & A sessions and meal plans tailored to meet your lifestyle needs.

Holistic Nutrition Program | $295 per month

This 2 month program will help you rebalance your gut and your body.

Includes an assessment of your issues, a tailored supplement and nutrition protocol and regular sessions to monitor your progress.

Honest anonymous feedback

I have benefited from this program tremendously! I am more particular about what I put into my body. What I eat has a direct effect on how I feel. I feel GREAT! Thank you for taking me in this January!!

The problem of trying to lose weight is that people don’t understand the need to do the lifestyle change. This program does that.

I would recommend this program to anyone who wants a change of life style – good healthy living habits! It has changed my life. I hope to keep all the good habits I have learnt in the future.

I learned to take time for my food – that way I’m savouring every bite. I learned the importance of food in my life. Thank you.

I feel like I found an approach I can follow that works and doesn’t make me IRRITATED because of CRAZY RESTRICTIONS.

I just loved the meal plans and the group atmosphere. The support was excellent – changed our way of thinking about food. I personally conquered my biggest fear of stopping COKE! Thank you!


Not all insurances cover Nutrition Counselling. Please check with your provider to see if you qualify for coverage.

We are currently in network for a few insurance providers. We’d be happy to give you a service receipt for out-of-network claims as well.

Note: Many clients use a Health Savings Program for Nutrition Therapy.