Meals planned in 6 steps

Menu Planning Made Super Easy eBook

Prepare healthy balanced meals with family friendly recipes that can be made in 30 min or less. Step-by-step illustrated guide takes the guess work out of meal planning. Suitable for omnivores with tips for keto, vegetarian and vegan options. Includes important instructions on safe food storage. Say good bye to the stress of “what’s for dinner”, and hello to saving time and money!

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Life is too busy to spend hours a day trying to learn how to master a skill like meal prepping! Want to go from beginner to expert in an afternoon? Using the eBook as a guide, work with a Registered Dietitian to create a year’s worth of meal plans that are customized to meet your unique needs.

this ebook Includes:

  • tips, tricks & hacks for busy people

  • 30 quick & delicious dietitian approved recipes

  • one Done-for-you sample Plan

  • Food safety reference guide

  • Eliminate food battles