Prevention is better than cure

& It’s well documented that nutrition plays a big part*

As part of your Health Care Team we can help you empower your patients to manage their medical conditions for life by offering a tailored step by step approach that is easy to implement.

We Offer Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for:

  • Diabetes including Type I, Type II & GDM
  • High cholesterol, dyslipidemia & hypertension
  • GI disorders including constipation, IBD & IBS
  • Cancer care during & after treatment
  • Food allergies & intolerances
  • PCOS and hypothyroidism
  • Pregnancy & breastfeeding
  • Addictions & disordered eating
  • Weight loss

*The Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) Difference

  • Individuals who received MNT for obesity health management were more successful at maintaining or losing weight and had twice the odds of achieving a clinically significant weight loss (Managed Care, Jan 2013)
  • MNT provided by dietitians resulted in significant improvements in FPG and HbA1C in persons with NIDDM over a 3 and 6 month period. (J Am Diet Assoc. 1995 Sep;95(9):1009-17)
  • MNT significantly lowered total serum cholesterol levels, LDL-C, triglyceride , and HDL-C in men with hypercholesterolemia. (J Am Diet Assoc. 1998;98:889-894)
  • Patients who received MNT for hypercholesterolemia reported significant and lasting improvements in perceived QOL related to self-care and did not report any negative impact related to following a low-fat diet in regard to feeling restricted by diet; interference with lifestyle activities; or difficulty planning, purchasing, or preparing meals or eating away from home. (Annals of Behavioral Medicine. Nov 2002, Vol 24, Issue 4, pp 269-278)

As a Consultant Dietitian my aim is to make things better  by making it simple for you to provide the nutrition counselling your patients need without all the hassle!

Passionate about nutrition, I hold a Masters and Bachelors Degrees in Clinical Nutrition.

I have over 15 years of experience in the field and am also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Outside of working on the clinical side of things, I’ve really enjoyed working in senior management and also had the pleasure of teaching university level classes. I am currently licensed to practice in Memphis, Mississippi and Arkansas.